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 While our competitors publish only what brings them  financial gain, over the years, we tried hard to give as much info and technical support possible to everyone in the community for FREE.
This is how Alex Varv's Inventions Page was born.With a worldwide contribution of  very informative articles, our web site became one of the most complete PPG web sites in the World.
The Inventions Page is a totally non-commercial section that brings to anyone's fingertips the most complete inventions and innovations done by pilots from around the globe!

Aerocorsair USA has reserved this page as a nonprofit forum where any pilot can publish, free of charge, any improvements and innovations done on any paramotor or engine, be it even our competitor.
We hope this page will serve for the benefit of our PPG flying  community.
  Alex Varv

Important note:  None of the material published on the "Inventions Page" can be copied, published and distributed without prior consent of the authors and  Aerocorsair USA.
 However, links to these articles  posted on other web sites   are acceptable.

0) Electrical subjects:

Electric Starter Improvement   by Mike Forwood - Australia    (Aug.2003)

Electric starter overhaul   by Alex Varv  June 30 2016

Electrical Batteries and their Features by Manfred Mornhinweg -Chile Note: VERY informative article (Febr. 2003)

Compatibility between tha NAC-2000 Headset and the Motorola 250 FRS Radio - by  Robin Rumbolt ( Febr. 2003)

Adapting the NAC helmet to different radios  -by Robin Rumbolt (Nov. 2005)

Connecting the SENA SMH10 Bluetoothto NAC and Icaro Deluxe Comm Helmets  by Robin Rumbolt  (April 2016)

Switching from a Sealed lead Acid  to a Lithium Battery - by Mark Cipollone (July 2011)

 1) Carburetor Related:

Tillotson and Walbro carburetor overhauls by Alex Varv

  How to achieve a smooth Low and Mid range RPM with a Walbro Carburetor   by Alex Varv

Tuning a Diaphragm Carburetor   By Alex Varv   Originally published  in Jan.2008; updated and re-published March 2011

Pop-off Pressure Adjustments  by Alex Varv

Building an in-flight carburetor mixture adjustment system    by Alex Varv (originally published in the March 2000 issue of Aero Connections Magazine

Building a carburetor "push primer" By Mike Forwood

Cruise  Control  by Alex Varv

Improving the Control Screws on a Membrane Carburetor    by Alex Varv  (Jan. 2008)

 2) Fuel & tanks:

"Easy  First Time Start" system of the M25Y Black Devil  by John Mayer

Fuel and fuel line related  by Alex Varv

Retractable "Fuel Mirror"  by Alex Varv

  Auxiliary Fuel Tanks:

    a) by Wally Shilts  -New Paris, OHIO

      b) by Mike Forwood -Australia

      c)Twin PPG Fuel Tanks on Trike   by John Kenealy

Improved trim tabs & fuel tank mirror  by Mike Forwood- Australia

Rear View Wrist Mirror by Mike Nowland

Convex Riser Mirror by Mike Forwood-Australia

Tom Feller's Low Fuel  Warning Light   by Tom Feller (July 2004)

Fuel Tank Repair   by Alex Varv (May 2008)

3) Throttle  related:

Inexpensive Throttle by Nick Scholtes (The Nickothrottle)

New throttle/cruise control system, swiveling instrument    pod and other improvements by Bill Kerr- Scotland

Simple Cruise Control      by Tom Scott   (Aug 28.2004)

Brandon Oberlin's "Sawzall" Cruise Control   by Brandon Oberlin (March 2007)

4)  Paramotor maintenance & improvements:

Paramotor Maintenance: (link supplied by Jim Harkness; good site for DK owners and not only)

Improvements on a Walkerjet   by Dana Hague

Fly Power 115 Improvements    by Manfred Mornhinweg - Chile

Improvements on an "Adventure" paramotor by Walter Hines

Improvements on an "Adventure" Paramotor  by Tom Scott

On board PPG Power Supply by Eddie Cartwright - G Britain

Maurice SHELDON'S PPG site (very nice pictures and PPG improvements)

Changing the bearings in a reduction pulley   by Alex Varv  ( Dec .2002)

Wooden Propeller Repairs  by Alex Varv   ( Dec.2002)

Decarbonizing a two stroke engine by Alex Varv   (Feb.2004)

Repair and Maintenance of a Black Devil Muffler by Ron Hogan  (June 2005)

Black Devil external decompressor maintenance by Alex Varv (July 2005)

Removing the small reduction pulley on a Black Devil engine  by Ron Hogan  (July 2005)

Tightening the reduction belt    by Alex Varv
Robert Kittila's elastomeric engine mounts  by Robert Kittila (August 2013)

Flash starter spring installation   by Alex Varv May 2014

K&N Air Filter Improvements by Mark Stull  May 2014

Exhaust manifold stud repair  by Jim Neubert  May 2014

Engine rubber mount safety webbing

Miniplane style starter for the Polini Thor 100  by Catalin Atodiresei - France  new article (November 24 2018)

5) Engine related:

An engine is born: an older article showing how the Cors-Air M21Y is assembled at the factory but it is an excellent reference for other engines as well ( by Alex Varv  2003)

Installing an External Decompressor by Dana Hague

Cooling duct for a Solo 210 engine  by Graham Southerland    Australia

Solo 210 Standard Muffler Modifications by Tom Scott  ( August  2004)

Converting a hand start engine into a hybrid one (electric start and hand start ) by Keith Benitez ( Febr. 2011)

6) Instruments:

A Lauan Instrument panel  by Robin Rumbolt (new Febr. 27 2003)  -an excellent article

Instrument Panel by Dean Fournier

Tiny Tach reset   by  Alex Varv

Installing a CHT Gauge  by  Alex Varv

Strobes  by Dana Hague

Universal Propeller Balancer by Mike Cannella

Improved Paratour Propeller Balancer    by Alex Varv

GPS  Holder  by Rick Grimm ( Febr.  2003)

     The Rino 120 Radio/GPS   by Alex Varv:

         1)   Adapting a "double" helmet jack to the Rino 120   (Oct.2003)

         2)   Building a leg strap bracket for the rino 120            (Oct. 2003)

Building a Multiple Blade Propeller Balance   by Mark Deseck           (Jan. 2004)

Camera Mount  by Jerry Frost         ( July 2004)

Simple PPG cart/carrier   by Carlos R. Botet  -Spain     

Paramotor carrier     by Rick Gudnason        (Sept. 2004)  

Installing a Stobe Light by Alex Varv      (Sept. 2004)

New PPG Video Camera  by Tom Feller       (Sept. 2004)

Reduction Pulley Laser Aligner by Ola  Wesstrom   (May 2005)

7) Helmet improvements:

An External PTT switch for the KIWI/NAC-2000 Radio Helmet  by Robin Rumbolt

Helmet Camera Mount  by Dean Fournier

Universal pivotable visor on helmets by Alex Varv

Helmet Mirror   by Tony Mathews   Dec.2002

PTT circuits  by Edgardo Doberstein

8) Harness and wing improvements:

Speed Bar Installation on a paramotor by Dana Hague

Home made Weight Shift System  by Nick Scholtes  

Carabiner Back-up systems by: Gary Shoaff, John Phillips, Steve Tustison and Alex Varv

Line Holder for Trikes   by Mike Maddux

Reflex Mark 2 wing- Wingtip steering toggles by Alex Varv (Dec.2002)

Brake Toggle Magnet Repair    by Alex Varv     (Dec.2002)

New PPG Steering Bar (The lefty Bar)   by Robert Kittila   ( March 2003)

Speed line pulley installation on a REFLEX Mark 2   by Alex Varv   (May 2004)

9) Emergency devices:

PPG Emergency Kill Switch by Jeff Baumgartner

10) Non-conventional machines:

PPG on skis     by Alex Varv

Don Shaw's PPG Scooter   by Alex Varv

Jerry Frost's Fresh Breeze Flyke Improvements   by Jerry Frost  ( June  2004 )

Fresh Breeze FLYKE wheel modification   by Jerry Frost  (August  200)4

11) Home Built Paramotors:

Romanian Home Made Trike    by Alex Varv  (Aug.200)5

Home Built PPG   by Ferenc Galambos  -Hungary

Alex Dell's Water- Cooled Home Built Paramotor   by  Alex Dell  (Jan. 2003)

Upgrading your Engine  by Ron Hogan  (Aug 200)4

My Dream Came Through   (Jeff Baumgartner's Home Built PPG) by Jeff Baumgartner ( Aug.  2004)

Mike Visser's " Black Devil"  I-FLYER  by Mike Visser  -Canada  (Sept. 2004)

Andy Szymikowski's home made paramotor  ( Sept. 2006)

12) Winter flying equipment

Bruce Brown's winter gloves by Alex Varv (Dec. 2002)

13) Propellers

The Split Wooden Propeller  by Brandon Oberlin (April 2007)

14) Keith Pickersgill's very informative articles (this is a link)

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